• Rachael Messer

Send In Auditions, Forget About the Audition

I've been teaching all morning and one of the overall issues people have been expressing to me is their fear of messing up, of not being good enough, of something not being perfect. But here's the thing: It will never be perfect. Perfect is a popular lie. Just focus on doing the best you can do now.

Your audition doesn't need to be exactly right. It needs to be the best you can do at the time.

We have off days too. But if you do the best you can, it's not fair for people to ask you for more. It's not fair to yourself to demand yourself for more. Its good to want to grow, but you can only do so much at the stage youre at.

We are all learning and growing. In fact, some of the best actors out there dont become complacent with where they are, they still seek out classes or education or teach themselves. So long as you are doing your best, taking a step, be it small or giant, towards your end goal, and working on getting better, you'll be amazed at how far you go! Just dont get tricked by the illusion of perfect. Dont let it hold you back from auditioning for something now. That audition probably wont be there in the future. Its here now.

Do you're best when it comes to auditioning. Dont get hung up on being perfect. Just do the best you can at that time and over time, you will get better. Then... Let. It. Go. I think the biggest error I see with new voice actors is getting caught up and keeping track of all the things you audition for. Because then start to notice you start to notice what you didn't. We cant all be right for every part. "What's the point of even sending this in? They won't pick me"

The point is to TRY. And it matters so much more that you tried. Probably more so than even getting the part. I know that sounds absurd but here's why. Even if you get the part, I can promise you that there will be a time you won't. In fact, the times you dont get parts will outweigh the times you do. And any voice actor who's working professionally will probably tell you that same thing. Especially when you're just starting out. And that first time you realize you didn't get a part is hard. Even more so if you keep a tally on how many jobs you book vs dont book. It will weigh you down and discourage you. It will try to convince you to give up, that you are wasting your time. And that's why you've got to have a good reason behind why you want to be a voice actor. Money or to have people know who you are will never be a strong enough drive to push you back up the hill when you fall down. But doing this because you love it, because you've always want to voice a game or cartoon, because this brings you joy, because its your dream. Those are things that will. Now for the "They wont pick me" part of this. You dont know they wont pick you. But by not trying and not sending something in, you can guarantee they won't. And isn't that already the worst possible outcome? So if you have the choice between not auditioning and therefor securing that worst possible outcome vs trying and at least having even the smallest chance, why not try? Just because you dont get a part, doesnt mean you were bad or voice acting isn't for you. It just means that specific part and that specific time wasn't for you. It wasn't the door that was meant for you. But keep going. Keep knocking on doors and one will open for you. But you have to try. Without that willingness to try at something new, you cant achieve anything new. It takes a lot of courage to try something you know full well you might not get. It takes no courage to go after things that are secure and sure things. Everyone's scared at the start. But if you dont push through that, you never know what could have happened.

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