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You always have to be careful in any situation that requires you to pay money or work for free, and while there are many types of scams out there, I've found there are 4 big ones that tend to get people. This month I want to cover those in the Hope's that it might save one of you from getting burned or used in the future.

-Fake Jobs

This is a pretty common one going around online in all mediums. They even sometimes use real sites to get your info or contact you through. So please dont just trust them because you get this message through an audition site of any kind.

The message normally includes a decent rate, normally I see it around 750 or so. But they always mention they want to "record at a studio near you" even though they have no idea the studios need you or even where you are often.

This scam ends with you having to send them money to book the studio, but dont worry! They say they will reimburse you after the job! Spoiler alert: they dont.

-Rush jobs

This ones burns a lot of people working in the field and similar to the one above, just because it comes from a professional website doesnt mean it's not a scam.

These next two types of scams dont cost you any money, but more so get you to work for free. The "Rush" job is someone who claims they need the whole audio as fast as possible! This job is due tomorrow morning or something. And what's really risky about this scam is there are in reality good, real jobs that's sometimes are rushed like this.

But this job will get you to stop everything to help out and record and then you NEVER hear from them again after you send in the audio. Thus they steal your work from them. The best way I've found to avoid these is ask for partial payment before. That way even if they disappear, you get some money. Sometimes clients will try and bully you into still recording. It's best to walk away then. Most professional companies will understand partial payment.

3. "Can you audition with the entire script?"

They may ask you to record the entire script for your audition. Which if so, you can include a watermark of some kind. It may not always stop them from stealing your audio, but sometimes it does. They often want y to u to record the entire script because they will just use your audition and not tell you. Then it becomes your job to track down the finished job and make sure they didnt use it, and then you have to sue. It's a mess. 4. Start Up scams. I actually cover this in another blog. Click here to read all about it! I'll be covering other types of scams in the next few months. This one was focused on job scams but there are several other ways people will try to steal money from you. Later this year I will cover "Agent Scams", "Teacher Scams", and more

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