• Rachael Messer

Starting Off & When to Work for Free

There's a lot of debate when it comes to the professional voice over world and free projects.

However, actors just starting out often do free projects. Whether it be free student films, or community theatre, or perhaps a fan dun or audio drama.

The trick is to know when you can work for free and when you should charge.

Here are two major things to look out for in free projects and when someone might be scamming you.

1. Is the project also free?

Example, is this a free to play video game? An animation for a small YouTube channel? So long as the person isnt making money off of your voice, its normally alright to take the job.

However, are they charging for the video game?

Do they want you to record lines for free and profit off the game?

Is it for a large YouTube channel that makes ad revenue?

If they are profiting financially from your voice, they should be paying. 2. "We are just a startup right now. We cant afford to pay you, but maybe next time we can!"- Scam!

This is a company trying to trick you into working for free. No company will come back later on, AFTER they have made money from you and offer to pay. They will just post the same thing again to another audition server.


There have been video game developers who did their first game for free and remember you for their next game that they plan to sell so you can get paid for that one. But remember, they didn't make money off that first game!

Another thing about the scam mentioned above is it takes money to start a company.

If they don't have it, they shouldn't be running a business. As well as, to run those commercials with your voice, they will have to pay the studio for air time or screen time. So why should the stations get paid to run their ad and you not get paid? Just run far away from those scammers.

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