• Rachael Messer

What Not To Wear for a Recording Session

I run into this particular thing a lot when recording people for auditions or projects at my studio. And while it's not a super obvious issue, I think this is why people run into it so often. So this month, I want to break down the wardrobe of a professional recording artist so you don't come into a session in something that hinders your performance. 1. Quiet clothes: This is the biggest one I run into. An actor comes into the studio dressed in business attire or business casual. And while it shows right off the bat that you are serious and want to be as professional as possible and it gives a great first impression, there is one issue I almost ALWAYS run into once the actor gets into the booth... Noise. Dress shirts and some materials blouses and dresses are made out of cause a lot of noise once the actor starts moving! It's just because of the materiel most of the time, but this often gets caught in the recording and makes the audio unusable. Meaning the actor has to stand completely still. And in the following point, I'll talk about how that is an issue. But just keep in mind the type of material your outfit is made of. Swing your arms a bit, do you hear the fabric moving? 2. Make sure you can move! Acting is so much about physical movement even if it's in a recording studio and you cant see the motion. This is why you will see so many actors moving when they record lines See here for an example: So if you're in a restrictive shirt or pants that constrict your diaphragm, you can have an issue and end up restricting your performance as well. 3. Jewelry and watches: Most of the microphones in studios are sensitive enough to pick up the ticking of a watch. And even a digital one can give off a slight electric hum when too close to the mic. Though it is always slight. The simplist solotion if you're in the studio with a watch is to pull the stop out so it stops running. You can start it back up after the session. Another one is bracelets and earrings. Small studd earrings wont normally bother anyone, though they can bother you if the headphones are pressed into them for long sessions. Though dangling earrings can often hit the headphones. And bracelets (as in multiple bracelets on one wrist) will smack into each other. While probably an odd thing to write about this month, I see this issue pop up again and again so I wanted to just put this info out here so you can afford these issues and have a great recording session!

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