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Why Facebook Pages are Dead

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk a little about Facebook. Specifically how facebook pages are dead. I will outline a bit about Facebook pages, the pros and cons, and why your time would be better invested in other social media tools.

I will cover other social medias in the future, but this month is about Facebook. Facebook has over a billion users. Some studies show even over 1.5 billion. The problem with these studies are there are people who have multiple accounts and those who create spam accounts so tracking exactly how many people use these sites based off account numbers is inaccurate. It also still counts “deactivated” accounts. Facebook also makes it very hard for a person to actually delete their Facebook. While it may remove all of the things on your site, it still keeps that information logged into it and you will still have an account that is surprisingly easy to set back up. The only way to truly delete Facebook is to actually send an email to the company requesting the site delete all the information entirely. However, despite this, Facebook is still one of the biggest social media sites (At the present moment).

Pros and Cons of Facebook

Some of the pros of Facebook include that it is one of the most popular sites currently. In 2013, Facebook began allowing people to host videos on the site and the views of which have begun to rival even YouTube levels. Facebook also allows scheduled posts on fan pages. This allows you to write a post in the morning and not have it activate until a time you set which would ideally be when your followers are the most active. Facebook also makes setting up a fan page incredibly easy.

But there are some draw backs to Facebook as well and some very big draw backs in my personal opinion. The first being Facebook is now becoming more focused on money. Now I know what you’re thinking “A corporation focused on making money? No way Rachael, I just don’t believe you” but it’s true. Those of you already with a Facebook page may have noticed that there is a handy dandy button beside most of your posts now that says “Boost Post” and you can spend money to have that posts seen by more people. The reality behind that simple button is very detailed and will be addressed in this section and I refer to it as “Post Illusions” , but for now, I’ll stick with the rest of the draw backs. Facebook favors a few things while discouraging many. Facebook loves to highlight pictures and also Instagram links (As Facebook now owns Instagram) however, Facebook’s algorithm will hide or discourage many posts including links, mentions of other sites (Twitter, tumblr, ect) and even facebook shares from Facebook pages (Because they want the original page to have to promote the post). Facebook is also one of the least likely sites to help you find a job (via fan page). You will very rarely be contact at random by a client looking to hire you. However, Facebook does have many groups littered with job postings. These are your best bet to find jobs on the site. I recommend searching Facebook groups for Films and Voice Over groups. Some are even designed only for casting calls.

Facebook may also be on the sever decline. Its been reported that fewer and few people under 20 years old are signing up for Facebook. These people tend to be favoring other sites like Instagram and Twitter. Before investing a good amount of time into your Facebook page, consider your client and fan base. Do the type of Voice Acting jobs you get appeal more to teenagers than adults? Then maybe another social site is a better time investment. I still recommend creating a Facebook Page because it is so easy and still another avenue for you to be reached. However, it doesn’t have a high booking rate so I wouldn’t worry about how many likes you get on the page. Its there more so just to have.

Post Illusions

Facebook algorithm is a very tricky thing and often changing. While I don’t claim to know every single in and out about it, I do know a lot of helpful tidbits. When you post a status (And this applies to whether you post it on your fan page or even your personal Facebook), things kick into play right off the bat. First, Facebook shows it to only a hand full of people, but contrary to popular believe, it doesn’t show up in all of your friends news feeds. It shows it to a few of them only and then judges the post on that selected groups reaction of it. Now, there is a way for people to subscribe to your posts which will alert them when you share a post. I have the set up on a few of my close friends who don’t post often so it insures I get notified when they do. However, this is a setting you have to create, not something that happens automatically. Now, when you post and it shares it to that selected group, it monitors what they do. If a large amount of them like or comment on the status right away, the algorithm decides the post is interesting and will share it with more people. This is why if you post something and it starts getting likes right away, it will end up getting a lot of like’s total. Compared to a post that only gets a few likes in the first hour and that’s where it kind of trails off. So in short, whether it’s on your page or your personal, more engagement right away will equal more total engagement over all.

Also on both your personal and fan page, Facebook tracks what you like. This applies more to personal accounts than pages, but it does effect pages. Facebook tracks whose statuses you are liking. Say for example, you have two friends. We will call them John and Jack for examples. Now starting off, Facebook will shows you both of their statuses without play favorites. This means your account will be part of the sample group that Facebook shares the status updates with first. So you will see Jack and John’s posts even if they don’t have any likes of comments yet. Now it starts tracking. Maybe you go and like on of Jack’s post, but you just pass over Johns. Facebook notices this and will from then out start showing more of Jacks posts in your newsfeed and less of Johns. In fact, over time, it may remove John from your newsfeed all together (Sorry Johnny dude). Facebook can also get carried away with showing you ALL of Jacks engagements. Whether he likes someone elses post or is tagged in something. Then you have to go in and tell Facebook to show less of Jack. You have this option to tailor your news feed as well. Say you lean heavily towards one specific political party. If will notice you hiding all the statements about the party you don’t like and liking posts about the party you do like and start automatically showing only your side. You can also “Unfollow” someone on Facebook meaning you won’t see any of their posts no matter what. This applies to pages because if you say, followed my Facebook page and Facebook noticed you liking my statuses, it would start to include you in the first group that sees my posts on there. So this may explain when you post on your page, you notice the same accounts always liking your posts. It’s because your page is showing up in their newsfeed more because of the design of the algorithm.

Now onto more details about pages specifically. Originally, it you had 1,000 likes on your fan page and you posted a status, it went to all 1,000 people. But now, with the way the algorithm works, it doesn’t do that anymore. It may actually only show it to say, 800 of those people. This is because it plays into the algorithm mentioned above. Facebook has admitted to this and admits that they plan to continue it, restricting the number more and more as time goes on. So soon, rather than 800 out of 1,000, it will be 500, then 400, then 250, then 100, restricting that bubble of people more and more. Now remember that select group of people that see your post and their likes or dislikes determine how many others see the post? Well its about to get smaller and smaller too. Why does Facebook money? For money. Facebook wants you to hit that “Boost Post” button so it will show it to more of the people who liked your page which isn’t fair to anyone but Facebook. People liked your page because they wanted to see more of what you shared. I mean, that’s why they liked your page most of the time. But now, those who wanted to see more can’t unless YOU pay money for it.

Paying for Ads and Likes

Now, let’s say you went and hit that “Boost Post” button or paid for your page itself to be advertised. What exactly happens when you do this? Well, it actually hurts your Facebook page way more than it helps. Long story short, Facebook realized people were buying bots to like their pages, so facebook started doing the same thing. Creating fake accounts so you would buy likes, but this time they would get the money. The problem is the algorithm facebook uses by showing a post to 5 people and judging its engagement and whether to continue promoting or not. If that post chooses 5 people and 4 of them are bots, you wont get any attention and the post will be shown to fewer people.

Because of all these things, people rarely ever even see posts on facebook pages any more. It used to be thought of as a social standing, kind of like a showcase of your fans. But hardly anyone ever checks it anymore. In fact, there are auditions now where your social media handle will be asked, but that has nothing to do with facebook. There are other sites that help your career much more. If youre interested in more details about using social media to get jobs, please check out my Social Media for Acting class!

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