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5 Ways Singing Can Benefit Your Voice Acting Performance!

5 Ways Singing Can Benefit Your Voice Acting Performance!

  1. Diaphragm : One of the first things a vocal coach should teach you is how to use and control your diaphragm. Using your Diaphragm can help you avoid vocal damage, along with create and expand your character voices. Having a good control of your diaphragm can also help with speech delivery. Often in voice over, you will have to say long sentences without stopping to take a breath. This is most common with Anime and Commercials. As you practice singing, you improve your control which helps you be able to talk longer!

  1. Avoid Vocal Damage: Being able to use your diaphragm also helps you avoid vocal damage! Proper posture and diaphragm work helps keep the vocal chords pushed apart when speaking or screaming, which helps you avoid creating vocal nodes! Vocal nodes are permanent injuries done to the vocal chords and create a kind of calluses on your vocal chords. There isn’t any known natural way of healing vocal nodes, so they require being cut out with an expensive surgery. Even after the surgery, your voice may not heal correctly and could be forever different. It is VERY important to make sure you are not doing damage to your voice when speaking, especially when screaming or doing different voices. I teach about vocal chords and avoiding vocal damage if youre interested in more and there are other resources online. Please be sure to check these out if you worry you may be hurting yourself.

  1. You understand and expand your range: Another first thing a vocal coach should do upon your first lesson is take you through scales to find your range. (Your highest note and lowest) Over lessons, you can safely expand your range and be able to hit deeper or higher tones which expand your character and potential roles in voice acting.

  1. Voice Quality: Your voice quality may improve from singing as it can pull your placement from a placement that risks vocal damage, into a proper and often ideal placement. There are some singing techniques and placements that can be set in other places that up your risk for doing damage, but a good vocal coach will be able to help you safely sing in these places if needed. Many people hurt themselves singing or speaking too low or too high and do damage so being able to safely change tones and note can help keep your voice safe. If can also make the signer less nasally when speaking, more mature, or a brighter quality depending on placement and what works best for your voice. This can help you achieve a more pleasing tone if you are speaking correctly using vocal techniques.

These are just a couple of the benefits of singing on the voice and how the relate to voice over!

If you have had any singing lessons and had any of your own experiences, please share in the comments below!

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