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4. You will receive and invoice for the price at the time you signed up

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What is This Site About?

The Sunny Blue Studios community built to help all actors. From giving you a platform to host your stuff like resume, headshots, demo reels, to having casting call opportunities, monthly contests, discounted and free classes, message boards, resource information about photographers, film contests, mic reviews,  advice, and advertising. 

What this site is NOT:

It is not a pay-to-play site. It is a community centered around all things acting. There are certain features behind a pay wall such as contests with monthly prizes, some casting calls, community boards, to have a profile and upload your demos and resume, and discounts on classes along with any time access teaching content, there are also casting calls listed publicly, along with some educational and motivation blogs and content also public.and while, if you arent a member, you can not post in the message room or access certain parts of it,others are free tosee and you can access partof the resource guides as well


How To Apply:

Why the pay wall at all?

Because it costs money to run and host a site. Along with certain features are still classes and education from my classes and just as I charge for classes, I still charge for any time access to that content

Is it just voice acting?

No, While a lot of the content is centered around voice acting, there are tons of resources, training, and even casting calls for film as well.

Monthly contests?

Each month, a new contest will be launched with different prizes. While you'll have to sign up this month to find out what it is, prizes will vary including things like a free class, game downloads, microphone give always, and free year membership. 


The website cost will be $125 for this year and depending on upkeep costs, may raise to $150 for 2018. That is for an entire year subscription

HOWEVER: the price you sign up for is the price you keep! What's that mean? Well take for example this month, since the site is in prelaunch phase, those who sign up this month will get a year membership for $75. This means, even if the prices raise in 2018, your account can be renewed for the original $75 you paid and will not increase so long as you keep an active subscription. (Id keep it for inactive if I could but thats apparently REALLY hard for the website system to handle) 

Membership also includes a free class or discounted class. Now this gets tricky to explain so ill do my best.

You can use your yearly membership for a class of equal or lesser value (example, you have a $100 membership and you want to take a class that costs $75. You can get that class for free! However, you can only use it once a year. But what if you want to take a 300 class?  Well then the payment of your membership is deducted from that class (example you pay $100 for a membership and want to take a $300 class, that class is now discounted to $200)

Classes for members are also lower in price than none members, and the discounts do stack.

Does my membership Auto Renew?

Not at the moment, but I am working on making that an option. Because memberships don't auto renew, members can risk losing a renew price that they signed up with and that can be frustrating. I am working on fixing this issue.

Can I still take you class if I'm not a member?


Are all your classes switching to this site only?

Nope! While this site is mine and run by me, I will still be teaching classes at conventions and in person at my studio

Will other teachers offer classes on here as well? 

Yes, but they will only be teachers I would recommend. If I don't know the teacher and their work,they will not be on here. The other instructors that may teach from time to time will be backed by me. And your discounts still apply to their classes as well. 

Still Have  a Question?

Contact us at any time! We would be happy to answer anything you might want to know