Breaking Intro Video Games

Breaking into Video Games is a comprehensive, 2 hour class focus specifically on getting work in the video game industry!

It covers everything from;

-Studio set ups best for video game recordings

-Mic techniques

-Finding auditions

-Recording multiple roles

-Building up a video game client base

-Audition Techniques

-Different avenues to connect with gam developers

And of course, acting for video games. This section includes things like the differences between different styles of acting for different projects and games, making believable effort, attacks, death, and charge ups sounds.

Class is 2 Hours long

Class is Digital which means it can be downloaded at any time. 

A Weekend of Voice Over

A Weekend Of Voice Over

Price: $200 (One time price, price will raise $300 after this class)

Times: Friday, August 27th from 6 pm- 9 pm Central, Saturday  August 28th, from 10 am- 3 Pm Central (We meet both times)


This weekend class is designed for all levels, from completely new, not even sure what Voice over is, to professionals. In this class, you learn various levels of voice over. One should be able to go into the class without knowing anything and come out knowing how to make voice over into a profession, while still moving at a speed not too slow for those who have experience and not too fast to overwhelm the new ones.

This weekend workshop covers

- Changing voices and creating characters (with in in depth looking into character creation and analysis) 

- Studio Equipment: mics, preamps, interfaces, headphones.

-Editing Audio: Mixing, balancing, and cleaning audio tracks, with a fun section on special FXs

- Reactions, the multiple levels and ways a character can react to a situation and how the way you choose to play it reflects your characters psychology.

- Script analysis (covering both general analysis and specific for Voice Over)

-  Marketing yourself: Social Media and all it's uses to get you work, helpful websites, Audition Sites, and your own personal website, business cards

- What's in a Contract?: How to negotiate contracts, deals, sales, and setting your own rates

- Dino DNA: Not really...I wish. Just seeing if you're still reading ;P 

-Demo Reels: An in depth look at what makes a demo reel work, what doesn't

- Demo Critiques: Helpful and in depths critiques of a demo you already have (optional, you may skip this if you do not have a demo or do not wish to submit it)

-Scam Alerts!: Looking out for scams, how to spot them, and how to handle them if they approach you.

-What to look for in projects: A helpful guide on spotting the common tell tale signs of if a project will make it or if it will fall through, 

- Auditioning: How to prep for auditions, auditioning tips and tricks, script readings, finding auditions.

- Mock Auditions: A time to practice auditions in a safe fun way

- Partner Script Work: Working with partners on script reading and feedbacks.

All of this in a total 8 hour class!

Intro to Voice Acting

This is an Introductory level workshop and is highly suggested to be taken before any other workshops. 

These class are designed to help those interested in the art of voice acting. They tend to run an hour and a half long and will help teach the basics of creating voice acting characters for anime, cartoons, radio plays, video games and more. It will also help each student explore their range and learn techniques for creating new voices they can make (such as teaching girls how to do a boys voice, old age, higher pitched, ect ) and strengthen your voice while showing how to avoid vocal damage.

Its open to all levels of people so it will start with the basics like what is voice acting, the difference between voice acting and voice over, the types of work you can find, how to get started, audio recording techniques, getting better audio quality, microphone types and differences, how microphones work, a basic rundown of speech production, how speech is made, how to avoid and realize vocal damage, creating and changing different voice, voice placements, creating believable characters, acting, creating a demo reel, dos and donts, suggested layout for a demo reel, auditioning for professional studios, and then question and answer time.
It will also help everyone find out how to find auditions and create a demo reel. 

Class is 2 Hours long

Class Time: Click Link to find Next class tim

Location: Online via Skype

This class is available for digital download as well. Click Buy now to receive your digital copy

Intro To Voice Over

Commercial Voice Over work is one of the highest paying fields in the voice over medium. 
This class is open to all levels from beginner to advanced.

It's designed to help explain Commercial Voice over, styles, delievery, finding jobs and clients, and more. By the end of the class, you will be able to walk away and start applying for jobs later that night.

Class is $40 per person.

This class is currently by request only. Meaning it will be offered when enough people have requested it

Creating Voice Characters

This workshop is $75. This workshop has limited spots available. Right now, I have it set to 20 people MAX! This may change. What I will be doing with this workshop is renting out a professional recording studio. This is part of the reason for the price jump. The other reason? I want to make sure everyone who claims one of the 20 available slots will show up. I don’t want someone to say “I’ll be there!” Then come the day, they don’t show up, while another person who really wanted to be there missed out on a spot they could have had. So the price is part studio time, part I want committed people.

committed people.

This workshop will teach
-Creating Characters for voice acting
-Some voice types taught will be Children (Both boy and girls-Girls will learn how to do boy voices), old age, cartoon, video game (Voices and reactions), Anime, ect..
-Changing your voice to create multiple characters
-Maintain vocal health and preventing any vocal damage (Your voice is your work, lose it and lose your job)
-The difference between character, anime, radio plays, and commercial voices and where they can be used

I will be coaching one on one with each of you. One person will get their own time in the booth while I am in the editing bay coaching. While waiting, I will be showing the class tips on editing sound clips.

I will also be bringing in auditions for real upcoming projects! You can choose between
-2 Video Games
-2 Cartoons
-Or voice clips for your demo reel (Think of lines, voices, characters you would want in your demo reel. When you come in, we will record some of these)

What you will need to bring:
-A water Bottle (This is HIGHLY suggested, also for sale at workshop)
-A Usb (This is so we can record your voice at the studio and you can take the clips home with you)
-A positive attitude :

This workshop is available upon request. When enough requests have been issued, the class will be offered

Voice Acting Bootcamp

The class covers all forms of voice acting broken into individual weeks. For example, one week would be dedicated to video games, auditioning, recording, how to do death and battle cries without causing vocal damage, noise efforts, and more. Another week will be all about cartoons, focusing on creating character voices without getting too over the top, mythical creature voices, and more. Another week is dedicated to commercial voice over, talking about the difference between soft sell and hard sells, techniques for both and individual mic techniques, audio books and story telling with the voice, and more.


Class runs two hours long and meets once a week for 6 weeks. It starts March 5th from 11 am- 1 pm (Central time zone) and goes until the last class date which would be April 9th.

- You will need access to a mic because we will all be talking together.

Price is $100 total to sign up. (Normally $50 dollars an hour and would cost $600 total, with this class, you pay a whopping $6 per lesson hour instead of $50) 

Class limited to 20 people.

This class is currently by request only. Meaning it will be offered when enough people have requested it

Social Media Marketing for Actors

This workshop will focus on social media marketing for actors.
It covers aspects of social media ranging from Twitter, facebook, instagram and more. With details about attracting followers (without buying them), knowledge of the social media algorithms (When is the best time to post on facebook to get the most interaction, shares, and likes and how this differs from twitters algorithm.), status sharing secrets, getting new followers with every post,getting new followers every day even when you arent posting, and more.

This workshop also covers how to set up your own website, internet tags, and how to get clients to find you rather than trying to have to find clients and jobs all the time. 

All together, the workshop covers a variety of different avenues to get more fans, social interaction and shares, and most importantly, get an actor more work

Cost: $40

Private Actng Lessons

Private acting lessons are offered online and in person by both acting teachers at the Studio. To check their schedules and times, click the links below.