Classes Reviews

Interested in a class? Read a reviw by a past student about the class you're interested in to see if it's right for you!

Voice Acting Bootcamp

"For someone who has never taken anything voice-acting related, I can honestly say this class really opens the door for anyone even remotely interested in the field. Rachael's easygoing and fun attitude makes you feel comfortable with yourself and in the presence of complete strangers. It paints the craft in a light that makes it seems approachable and tangible. Each week, I would look forward to learning the next segment and then commit it to heart. It allowed me to be creative and see that voice acting might be something I can actually do.

         During my class, I learned about different kinds of voices, the "dos" and "don'ts" of the industry, proper care of your voice, audtioning advice, different types of sells (for advertising), voice reels, ettiquette, partnered scenes, and so much more. Six weeks was hardly enough time, and it left me wanting more. And the support from the other students was phenomenal. I've made some excellent friends in the six weeks we did class. Even now, I stay in touch with my fellow classmates as we help each other out in voice acting endeavors. Take it from me: The experience was informative, challenging, enlightening, and more fun than I've ever had in a class. If you're bored of your day to day job and want to pursue something that makes work fun and allowing your voice to be literally heard, take this class. I highly recommend it." - SPENCER CARTER

Demo Reels

"I was a little nervous when recording my 1st character demo. Especially when it was being done by someone such as accomplished and talented as Rachael. She quickly put my nerves at ease and it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had! She blew me away with how great she made me sound! Most people told me they had to listen to the demo several times before they believed it was my voice on all of them! I would HIGHLY recommend her for any work and/or trainings. She is very knowledgeable and makes learning about the business and voice acting techniques a lot of fun!

I can’t thank her enough for how great my demo was! I won’t use anyone else for my character demos ever!!! I hope to get on her level one day! It would be AMAZING to get on a project and work WITH her! You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least check into her studio!!" -BRYAN WHORTON


"Rachael provides a concise breakdown of social media marketing fundamentals and best practices that have to be part of an actor's baseline skill set in today's industry. The info is practical, clear, and perfect for actors unsure where to start building their presence online to get work. Rachael is an excellent, attentive instructor who keeps it entertaining from start to finish!


"Rachael provided an in-depth lecture about her personal experiences and analytical discoveries behind social media marketing for actors, which I personally found very informative! These instructional pieces ranged from the pros and cons of certain online websites, do's and don't's for your online presence, and clear insights as to why your personal piece of media or post might not have done so well throughout the social network. This class does not only specialize in teaching you "where" to present yourself for your business, but also "how". If you're looking for a place to learn the tips and tricks to presenting yourself and your business through social media and marketing while having a group of classmates to ask the questions you might not think of first-hand; this is the place!" 


Booking Commercials

"This class is a shockingly large offering, from the way you should talk to clients, to getting clients as opposed to work, Rachael takes you through the ins and outs of this crazy world of commercials. To say you learn is an understatement with examples ranging videos to websites of additional info this is well worth your time if you are interested in commercial work or been away from the acting scene. Don't hesitate to sign up" 


"Rachael Messer's Commercial Booking class is an essential if you want to get into working in commercial voice-over. Some of the materials covered include how to approach certain commercial styles, how to present yourself to clients and some of the potential pitfalls associated with beginners mistakes, and how you can prevent them. I recommend this class for beginners in voice work and experienced voice-actors who want to expand their work into commercial voice-over." 

-Will Benzel

Breaking into Videogames

"A really excellent class that covers a TON of ground in such a short time. If you want to get your arms around core knowledge like equipment, vocal technique/style, and get a taste of how to analyze other actors' work in order to learn from it, it's all here. Everyone stands to learn something, and Rachael is super engaging, encouraging, and fun to listen to." -@littlecuppajo