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Projects that we have helped for Voice Actors for:

Shift Quantum- Video Game - Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Cerathian Traders - Video Game

Last of The Disciples - Video Game


Project: Gift
Roles: 8
Price: Please include your own rate for the character you audition for.

NOTE: Some characters only have 1-2 lines. If your audition was fine for those two lines, you will probably not need to record again.

Creators notes: All characters will need any upbeat attitude (even the thugs)
This is a gift for the creators wife. Its an online video.

Deadline: Friday, June 14th 11:59 pm cst
Format: Please no more than 3 takes per line. Include all lines in one file. DO NOT separate into "Line 1", "Line 2". 
All takes should be in 1 file. If using three takes, record three takes of line one, then move on to line two.
Name Files as "Your Name_Role.mp3" Example: If I were auditioning for Officer Baker, I would name my file "RachaelMesser_Officer Baker.mp3"
Send all files attached to one email to Subject line "Gift"
Please include your rate for each character. If auditioning for multiple, just state in the email "For Officer Baker, my fee would be ___" "For Radio, it would be ___" 
I will add up the fees if you are cast for multiple characters.
Unless stated below, any accent is welcome for the characters. If no accent is listed, feel free to use any dialect/accent.

FAILURE to follow these steps will result in the deletion of your email.
Please read over this all carefully. I will not have time to respond to questions answered in this info. If theres an email asking "When's the deadline" when it's listed above, I will assume you did not read over the whole thing and will not have time to answer.

Male or Female

1.  "Attention all units, several bandits were seen heading towards Main Street."

2. "Are there any available officers to respond?" (slightly desperate)
Female- North American , possible British

1. [comes running around a corner, stops suddenly, dramtic hero-esque pose.  Speaks into her radio]
"This is Officer Baker, I have them in sight!" (said confidently and firmly)

2. (has now captured the bandits, the citizens are thanking her) "Thank you! Happy to help." (confident)
Male- British

1. "Sorry mate, won't be moving until breaks done." (apologetic but firm)

2. Now that you mention it, I did see some blokes go in there."  "Right nasty bunch they were" (recalling, firm)

3. "Get a load of this, some chap spent 18 months making a gift for his wife.  Now that's dedication!" (impressed, excited)
Shopper (Female)

1. Hmm, (pause) What to chose?" (thinking, indecisive)

2. I think I'll look this one up on the Geek" (note: the Geek is the website BoardGameGeek, a board game database site with reviews)

3. "I already have ALL of these!" (happy, a little distressed over no more options)
Shopper (Male)

1. "This got great reviews! (excited)

2. Hmm (pause) I can't decide!" (excited, a little distressed over too many options)
Male or Female

1. "Sorry for the mess, new inventory today!" (apologetic then excited)

2. "Don't forget to check out our newest game; Pirate Kittens!" (excited)
Panicked Employee
Male or Female

1. "Ahhhhh!" (panicked)"What do I do!" (panicked)
Bandit One 

1. "Get her!" (confident, order)
2. Come on! (challenging another person)

Male or Female
This will probably be someone who is already cast as an above role to make it easier. Just some cheers are needed for the end. No audition needed, please just state that you'd be alright with recording cheer (And include in the pricing)
Please also include if youd be willing to just record crowd in cast the original group wont be enough people